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Best way to make fake nudes- Simple tricks

Best way to make fake nudes- Simple tricks

Unread postby sexytanya4u » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:46 am

I am making fake nudes from last 10 years or over. Successfully made more than 1000 pics fakes which looks like they are real.
Now i am telling you simple tricks that will help you making fake nudes. if you want you can contact me at [size=250]

- Best software for making fakes is Adobe photoshop or Coral draw. But i will train you using adobe photoshop(prefer using version 7.0)
There are 2 ways of making fakes :
1) making full or semi nudes
2) making xray images

1) Making full or semi nudes:

-First of all you have to get high resolution images of the person who is going to be nude and then pic a similar of identical nude pics from internet or other sources this nude pic will be your base pic. You can also pic non identical pics too but just remember following directions for picking a nude pic:
# pick up a pic in which face position of both pics is in same position or direction.
# Pick a pic with open hair, not tied hairs.
# you should select that pic which having little similar lighting condition , like indoor or outdoor.
# Picked up pic should be equal or lower reslotion compared to the pic that you going to make nude.

Now after picking a best fit nude pic open both pics on photoshop. select your persons face outline including neck and hairs with megnet tools properly. now drag and drop the face of your known on the nude pic. now try to resize the head according the nude nude body with editing tools . after that match the body colour with image editing tools like setting clour , contrast, saturation, hue, levels etc. now after you have done with that save as the pic and enjoy.

2) Making Xtray or transparent.

- This process is similar to above process just difference is in this process your base pic is the pic of your friend that who wanna make xray .
select the nude portion of the other pic like boobs , belly , pussy and drag drop on your base pic. Now make the nude body transparent by selecting window > Layers.
In Layers window right click on the nude body option and click on blending option and reduce the opacity and full opacity according to your requirement.
after you done enjoy by saving as your pic.

if you want me to make fake nudes than just email me pics at
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