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Bubbling using GIMP

Bubbling using GIMP

Unread postby SplatGirlsIKnow » Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:18 am

So far, I have only used GIMP to do face swaps. I'm fairly new to it, but feel I'm doing well!

I really like bubbling fakes, and wondered if anyone knew how to make them using GIMP?
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Re: Bubbling using GIMP

Unread postby rmd » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:03 pm

For a basic bubble you need two layers: the original image and the bubble layer. I like to use a layer mask because it makes it easier when I need to work with more layers for transparent bubbling.

1. Clone or heal out any tiny straps on the original image. This is optional but it can make less of the image you have to bubble out.

2. Make a new layer for the bubble. Fill it with a solid color (I start with black, you can always change it later). Set it to something like 50% opacity so you can see the original image below.

3. Add a layer mask to the bubble layer. Set it to full opacity.

4. Use the ellipse selection tool to start selecting areas on the original image that you want to show through. Fill in the layer mask if of the bubble layer with black in these areas. I normally lock the aspect ratio at 1:1 to get circles. The more areas you can show through the better it looks.

5. Turn the opacity of the bubble layer all the way up to check how it looks. If you like it you are done.
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