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Chelsea Kreiner Tmartn's Girlfriend

Chelsea Kreiner Tmartn's Girlfriend

Unread postby leif_gw » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:56 pm

Yo! If someone could fake Chelsea Kreiner Tmartn's Girlfriend i would get happy.
Just take off the shirt/bikini and put on some nice tits
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Re: Chelsea Kreiner Tmartn's Girlfriend

Unread postby PEDO HUNTER » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:05 pm

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Re: Chelsea Kreiner Tmartn's Girlfriend

Unread postby XXXxxxXXX » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:42 pm

****Before you get upset with me, understand that "ThE PoliceMan" created the need for me; his trolling messages and images should not go unchecked****

For everyone who doesn't understand - "ThE PoliceMan" and his many alias, is a troll. He has no power here or he would ban people, delete pics, and delete posts - He's not a mod! All he can do is harass and troll users on here. He's just another user like you and I. If he replies to your post, you owe him nothing. He's just a user like you are, he's just a troll. He thinks he's doing everyone a favor by tagging posts of anyone under 30. Other usernames he uses a lot are "PEDO HUNTER", "NEGAN", "FAKE MEISTER", "TROLL DETECTED", "snowy", "EZEKIEL43", "BAT NERD42", "JUDGE JUDY", "SCAM ALERT", "XXXxxxXXXxxxXXX", "dave big" to name a few....and there are many, many more - in fact - new ones all the time.

(HE'S ALSO THE SPAMMER "premiumpasswords")

I found this old thread about some of his many alias'. Please read.

I've also noticed that "ThE PoliceMan" likes to disguise himself as other users by just changing a letter in their username, or adding a letter, or adding a "." or any little change. He even goes to such detail as steeling their icons. Here are only a few examples of his tricks:

The Real "Snowblind"

The FAKE Policeman "Snow Blind"

The Real "maverik7508"

The Fake Policeman "Maverik 75o8"

The Real "rambo53000"

The Fake Policeman "rambo5300"

So, if you get a response from what you think is a legitimate user on here, always check their "join date" and "total posts" and "total Karma" - He can't steel or modify that info. Do a member search if you're not sure. You can also just search through the member's overall posts, and if they're just complaints and harassment, odds are it's "ThE PoliceMan" trying to trick you and frustrate the original user.

You will also notice there will be numerous responses to THIS POST by "ThE PoliceMan's" many usernames, so be aware of that. He has also given me a number and (- Karma) for exposing him and his tricks; just search through my karma.

We don't need "ThE PoliceMan" and his numerous users on here anyway, only users that fake and participate in the progress of this forum, no trolls, no childish humiliation, no fake usernames, etc...........

....and if you search through the posts of his various usernames, you'll find that he think's he's a self-imposed mod (NOT HIS JOB!!!!) and if he runs out of under 30 posts to tag, he starts harassing users about their girls being ugly, or their comments being stupid, or the fakes sucking, when in fact, he's not that good of a faker himself (but don't tell him that).

..he also calls me a troll; notice that i only respond to him and his multiple usernames - I don't harass other users on here like he does; i don't create and post childish images over and over and over, like he does - NOW - WHO'S THE TROLL AGAIN???

..and please guys, take the babies and kids out of the pics you're requesting from; it's totally confusing "The Policeman" - his pea-brain actually thinks you're requesting fakes of babies and kids.......

...and guys - if the dumbass Policeman tags your posts, don't worry - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS EVER!!!!! COME FROM HIM TAGGING ANYONE'S POSTS - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! don't worry..........NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!!!..........all his tricks have been revealed - he has nothing left in his bag of tricks - all the veteran users on here know he's a joke now........he's doing nothing but revealing how abnoxious and ignorant he can be......

YOU'VE BEEN """"EXPOSED & OWNED"""" Mr. Policeman............

..It's actually fun to watch The Policeman keep guessing, and guessing, and guessing who I really am. All I can say is you've been wrong every time, so far..........but it's fun to watch...........keep guessing Mr. Policeman........Maybe you shouldn't of been such an ass to so many users..........Pay Backs a Bitch!!!

...and I guess I just have to keep ramming a stick up the Policeman's ass every time he posts...........and I guess he likes it............. 8-) .. :lol:

Hope this helps, and have fun out there....

Info about me: xxxxxxxxx-t115376.html#p496547
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Hey Mr. Policeman - Go back to your "premiumpasswords" spamming account and leave the other users on here alone!!!!! :evil:

Here's one of the Policeman's emails, let's let him know what we think about him..........Maybe he deserves some serious spam.......... :twisted:

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