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Game - Dating Kaley

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Game - Dating Kaley

Unread postby Fakes123 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:29 pm

I saw that some people were doing some forum games so i tough it would be funny to do a real game, Its very easy, You start with 100$, its enough to go out on a date with Kaley Cuoco (In the game), the menues are self explanatory. Its bejeweled like game.

You may wonder "Oh, so its just a normal game?" well, yeah, but it has 5 Fakes of Kaley Cuoco that i made, your goal is to unlock them all with Points, how do you get points? Having succesfull dates, the amount of points that you get are equal to the amount of moves left (Blue arrows).

-Little tip, When you unlock a picture, the next one will be cheaper, so instead of unlocking the last one (For some reason) you should start from left to right, from up to down. Also, some pieces give more score than others and some give less, try to guess how it works (Its easy)

-Special Codes:, To help you a little bit, a made these codes to give bonus when you do stuff (To unlock the pictures faster)

-X3 Work Money: It gives you x3 money when working (To get money fast to go out on another date)

-X5 Work Money: The x3 code must be activated first.

-X2 Date Points: It gives you x2 points when you complete a date (Unlock pictures faster)

-X3 Date Points: It gives you x3 points when you complete a date (Unlock pictures faster)

-Download Link
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I accept any donations here, Gift cards maybe?

You could also click here to help me:

Play my porn/fakes bejeweled like game!
Same game but with anime
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