Best Private Fake/GIF/Cumshop, only $5~$10 on paypal

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Best Private Fake/GIF/Cumshop, only $5~$10 on paypal

Unread postby shadowman7189 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:12 pm

Are you disappointed of deformed slap-on fakes, wrong body type, mismatched skin color, neck twisting, "accidental posting" of your private request?
Then you have came to the right place. Place an order now and you will get the best fakes and privacy you deserved.
Now FACIAL ($5) and GIF ($10) are available!!! Guaranteed you will cum in your pants the moment u see my work ;)

Optional: free extra copies with captions
+$1 Paypal fee for the entire order

*Please note:
Not all picture is created equal. Some have better quality than others. The product's quality will be varied depends on the quality of the original pics
I can't do magic on your picture to improve its quality but I have never received a complain about my works so you can count on me for the best fakes
I will take a dollar or two off if the theme is slightly off or if there some minor issue (Usually pics that I can't find the stock images to fit w/ the request)
If you have no karma or negative karma, and request a complicated order I will have to ask you to send me the payment first.
*If you can't pay right away, pls let me know when you can and I will keep your order in a separate folder until then.
*Otherwise, all unpaid fakes will be deleted after one week from the day the samples are sent.

Please PM me with your pics,18+ only, no bestiality (very difficult to find a fakeable stock pics)
Include the type of fake you want regular/cumshop/GIF, the quantity, and theme (keep it simple)
After I'm done I will send you the sample crop outs of the fakes with my paypal link.
After the transaction went through I will send the complete fakes.
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Re: Best Private Fake/GIF/Cumshop, only $5~$10 on paypal

Unread postby shadowman7189 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:46 am

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