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Private Fakes of your girl! Preferred contact and delivery method: Email –

Hi I’m a faker. I’ve been faking celebrities and women I know for years. I’ve also done fakes on request for people who’ve seen my work. You can see some samples of my celebrity work, which were chosen for a gallery by the independent faking site Only The Best Fakes. ... lue%20DESC

I have a few rules. They’re not designed to be mean, but rather to ensure I can do good work for guys who have quality head shots to work with.
1. If you want me to fake for you, send me as many quality head shots of the woman as you have. Good faking is a matter of matching head shots to body shots. The more head shots I have to choose from, the better the chance of finding a match that works. It helps me, help you.
2. Do not send Instagram photos. The filters that they use make it nearly impossible to fake. I won’t even try, as it never works and takes away time from faking for guys with useable photos.
3. Try to send natural lighting, INDOOR pictures. Outdoor pictures rarely work, as once again the lighting angle, (sun) makes it difficult to find a match.
4. Make sure your head shots include the complete head, hair, as much neck as possible. NOT pictures with Hands and other objects in front of the face. That makes it nearly impossible, so avoid those.
5. Send the largest sized file you can. The larger the photo file the easier to work with and the better the fake will look. If you d/l from Facebook, do not “Right Click – Save”. Click Options at the bottom of the photo, and Download. This downloads the full file.
6. Do not send me anyone that even looks underage. I will ignore it and delete it. I DO NOT fake kids.
7. All fakes ARE KEPT PRIVATE and sent only to you.

If I feel I can work with the photos you send I will fake her. If not, I will tell you., and explain why. When I’m done. I will send you a filtered version. If you like it, you can make a donation to my Paypal Account, and I will send you the original. If you don’t like it, no need to donate.

Please do not make specific requests of what you want “her doing” the fakes will be dictated by which body shots work with the headshots you send. You can give me a preference like Hardcore, or softcore, or sexy, or slutty. But if you won’t accept anything but hardcore and I don’t think your headshots will match hardcore, tell you I’m unable to make your fake. This is to ensure and maintain the high quality of my work.

Again, these guidelines are meant to make sure I do the highest quality fakes for you, and that I have time to do good work for as many of you as possible.

Preferred contact and photo delivery method: Email –
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